Marketing Material

Your LegacyLinc marketing system is complete with a wide variety of customizable print & digitized marketing materials.

 Estate Planning Marketing Materials

LegacyLinc marketing pieces are simple to use and will create awareness of the service that you are providing as well as the importance of Christian estate planning. Along with the wide array of proven marketing pieces, you will get training and assistance in creating an on-going, easy to maintain communication strategy that creates activity on your website, resulting in estate and current gifts.


Receipt Stuffers / Bulletins

As a receipt stuffer, these marketing items are designed as a “tag along” piece to gift receipts or thank you letters. They are simply printed and stuffed inside the carrier envelope along with a receipt. As a bulletin insert, churches can include these pieces – customized with your name/address – in one bulletin per quarter. These pieces direct donors to your website where they can learn how to implement charitable estate plans or current gifts..

Estate Planning Teleconferences

Promoting live interactive donor seminars is a key component of a successful planned giving program. Seminars are conducted via telephone by PhilanthroCorp Estate Planning Specialists, and cover a wide variety of topics from a stewardship perspective. These seminars provide a comfortable environment (their own home or office) for your donors to receive helpful information. Then, at their own pace, they can utilize the Estate Plan Organizer to implement an estate plan that achieves their goals. The seminars are offered quarterly and are free. Promotion of these seminars is made easy, by PhilanthroCorp, through various mediums.


Communicating with your donors about planned giving through electronic newsletters or email is a significant component of a good marketing program. Strategic email messages are customized for you monthly as part of the LegacyLinc program. These emails will contain links back to your LegacyLinc website where your donors can easily obtain more information and request assistance to implement gifts.

Newsletter Articles / Space Ads

An extensive array of newsletter articles and space ads are provided that cover various topics regarding estate planning and current giving opportunities. We recommend that these items be included in your newsletter on a regular basis. Alternatively, churches can communicate these messages by periodically incorporating these articles or space ads into weekly Sunday bulletins.